Ashley Graham's Favorite $10 Moisturizer Is Amazing for Aging and Ashy Skin, According to Shoppers

As one of the first models to shatter glass ceilings for plus-size women, Ashley Graham is responsible for an endless well of my gratitude. She looks damn fine, and more importantly, advocates for people of all sizes to feel good about themselves, as hard as traditional beauty standards (and jeans) can make it. Graham walks the unfiltered walk in all things, so when she posted a shot of her skincare favorites to Instagram this week, I screenshotted that baby for future reference. 

The spread of six items reveals some expected inclusions, like St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, since Graham just partnered with the brand. Also present was a hyaluronic acid serum from Mario Badescu, Avya's non-foaming cleanser, extremely pricey eye masks, and the star of today's show: A $10 body moisturizer with reviews that rival those for the $115 eye treatment. 

Graham's "favorite" sticker-endorsed Flamingo Deep Nourishing Cream grabs over 400 five-star reviews on the brand's website, where the shaving-focused brand has created a handful of moisturizing essentials. The brand's background means that it's no ordinary moisturizer, but an all-over cream that gently speeds cell turnover for your closest shave (and softest skin, even if you haven't picked up a razor in many months. Ahem).

Deep Nourishing Cream

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Shoppers compare the consistency to Charlotte Tilbury's $64 Magic Cream, given the matching decadent, lusciously whipped texture. "I have dry and aging skin, and this makes my skin soft and supple," one person says, as another writes that they're giving it to several of their friends, since "we're all senior citizens who refuse to give up." Love it.  

Those with naturally dry, flaky skin write that post-Nourishing Cream they feel as if they've gotten a facial, their ashy skin "breathing a sign of relief" with every use. It maintains that buttery softness for 48 hours, even through Wyoming's dry air — and multiple people write that it's even more moisturizing than Gold Bond, their previous go-to. 

Someone else christens it a "miracle in a jar," and a shopper with eczema echoes that the Nourishing Cream "has been working miracles" for their super-sensitive skin. Those with psoriasis offer the same praise: Their skin is thankful for the lotion. The enthusiasm makes sense, since Flamingo says the formula is dermatologist-tested. Cane sugar-derived squalane hydrates with a dose of moisture, while white willow bark provides a gentle source of exfoliating salicylic acid, and shea butter reinforces the skin's barrier. 

"Best product ever," a last person writes. "My skin has never felt so good. I'm hooked." For $10, that's an addiction to savor. 

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