Incestuous embrace that Jane Austen never wrote in Sanditon

Sanditon screenwriter adds incestuous kiss between aristocrat and his sister for ITV adaptation (which would have Jane Austen spinning in her grave) It’s a picture that will have Jane Austen spinning in her grave, as one of her aristocratic characters is shown in a shockingly incestuous clinch with his sister.  The scene comes in tonight’s […]

Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston reveals his battle with anorexia

Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston reveals his battle with anorexia almost drove him to suicide Christopher Eccleston reveals that he had anorexia while playing Doctor Who The actor revealed he was struggling with serious mental illness during series Mr Eccleston describes himself as ‘a lifelong body-hater’ in his memoirs As Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston’s fight against intergalactic […]

Kermit the Frog Has Been 'Working Out a Lot More Lately'

When it comes to the guys who inspire us to push harder and go further in our own fitness journeys, you might think of bodybuilders like Calum van Moger, or celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth who share their own advice for getting superhero shredded. But sometimes, motivation can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Like […]

Listen To This: Don’t Let You Go!

This is such a sweet dance song! DJ/producer Max Styler enlisted vocals from Ella Boh for his romantic chill pop track Sleep Alone. This is so far removed from the days of EDM. And we love the evolution. This song isn’t a radio smash, but not everything has to be. It makes our ears happy! Check […]