We're terrified our homes will SINK after towering skyscrapers built next door – soon we won't be able to see the sky | The Sun

RESIDENTS are terrified their homes will SINK under the weight of towering skyscrapers built next door. High-rise flats have been popping up just metres away from residential homes in Island Gardens, London. The imposing buildings of London's financial hub Canary Wharf tower over homes in this Tower Hamlets district. Some locals are worried the colossal […]

Prime drinks: What on earth is all the fuss about?

Meet the public school dropout and the American prankster behind the craze sweeping Britain’s playgrounds: Prime has sparked muggings, near-riots in shops – and sells for up to £100 a bottle. So what on earth is all the fuss about? The delivery is made every Friday at 2pm, but Kirstie Thompson pulls up alongside her […]

How a red TOOLBOX helped catch Rachel Nickell's killer

How a red TOOLBOX helped catch Rachel Nickell’s killer – after flecks of its paint covering were found in her toddler son’s hair In July 1992 Rachel Nickell was sexually assaulted and stabbed 49 times  The murder of the 23-year-old on Wimbledon Common shocked the nation  READ: Family of Rachel Nickell consider legal action against the […]