Are UV Nail Lamps Safe For Skin?

A recent study has raised concerns about the safety of UV nail lamps. If you get gel manicures regularly, you might have considered if they can damage the skin. Two experts break down what you need to know and what you can do to protect yourself. A big question surrounding gel manicures is if the […]

You have to see Milly Alcock’s hidden chain hair piece from last night’s Golden Globes

Written by Lucy Partington Freelance beauty editor Lucy Partington is obsessed with all things skincare, collecting eyeshadow palettes that she’ll probably never use, and is constantly on the hunt for the ultimate glowy foundation. From Jenna Ortega’s Sophia Loren-inspired make-up to Milly Alcock’s secret chain hair piece, these are our standout favourites from last night’s […]

Shawn Mendes Welcomes 2023 With a Buzz Cut

Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill Shawn Mendes is the latest celebrity to go super short with their hair in 2023. On Jan. 7, the singer was spotted leaving a coffee shop with a friend, and his shaggy brunette hair was cropped into a buzz cut. Closely shaven on the sides, teetering on the edge […]

'Tim Burton Eyes' is the latest trending makeup look

Tim Burton is known for his distinct characters – but now his work has penetrated the world of makeup, too. His characters are the inspiration behind a new look sweeping beauty lovers, known as ‘Tim Burton Eyes.’ And if you want to blaze a trail and be a trend-setter in 2023 then this style is […]

Symbolic meanings behind Princess Kate’s children’s names

Princess Kate has revealed that she and Prince William felt pressure when choosing the names of their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – and each have very special meanings. You may be surprised to learn the secret meanings and lovely personality traits of the royal kids. WATCH: How well do you […]