Is Coconut Oil Actually Good for Your Skin?

Coconut oil belongs to an elite group of natural ingredients that can be used in the kitchen as well as your beauty routine. However, while coconut oil had a major moment, its time in the spotlight wasn't without controversy. The benefits of oil pulling and using coconut oil for hair growth are debatable, but there […]

Behind the Icon: Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara

What makes a product iconic? That was the question we asked as we edited this year’s list of the 100 most iconic beauty products of all time. Though every lipstick, mascara, hair spray, and cleanser on the list deserves its moment in the sun, there are a few key beauty icons who have earned to […]

Revolution Beauty Is Launching a Spooky Collection Inspired by The Simpsons' Halloween Specials

Revolution Beauty Is Launching a Spooky Collection Inspired by The Simpsons’ Halloween Specials There’s a spooky new collection coming to Revolution Beauty’s lineup inspired by America’s favorite cartoon family. Ahead of Halloween, the brand is launching products inspired by The Simpsons and the series’s special “Treehouse of Horror” annual Halloween episodes. The full collection is […]

Kylie Jenner on Kylie Baby, Stormi’s Favorite Product, and Motherhood

Kylie Jenner has a new baby! No, we’re not referring to her second pregnancy, but rather a new brand. Joining Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, and Kylie Swim, Kylie Baby is Jenner’s new lifestyle-slash-beauty brand catering to new moms. It’s launching tomorrow with four products—gentle shampoo, gentle conditioner, bubble bath, and moisturizing lotion—and three bath time […]