Nail Colors for Aquarius Season 2021

Welcome to Aquarius season! This month is all about embracing and wearing the colors that make you the happiest. You don’t have to worry about what’s on trend or popular, all that matters is that you are living your best life. Anything goes during Aquarius season, after all. So lean into your uniqueness. If you […]

The Best Amazon Valentine's Day Deals on Calvin Klein Underwear

Whether you’re looking for something sexy for Valentine’s Day or your underwear drawer needs an update the Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Deals event is here! It’s chock-full of sales on men’s and women’s Calvin Klein underwear and basics. Expect savings of up to 35% off on bras, underwear, t-shirts, and more! The Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Deals are rolling in! This is a great […]

5 Best Stair Climber Workouts That Will Seriously Sculpt Your Glutes

Real talk: The stair climber is not to be underestimated. “It’s low impact, but high intensity,” says Anna Victoria, CPT, founder of the Fit Body app, who used the machine throughout her pregnancy. Victoria’s doctor recommended doing low-impact cardio workouts, and she says she chose the stair climber machine because it would give her the […]

Putting Essènci, a Truly Nontoxic Skincare Brand, to the Test

Yetunde and Michael Beutler set out to create a beauty brand that, at every step of production, kept chemicals and any potentially toxic ingredients out of the picture. Born from that ethos was Essènci, which launched in December 2020 with the L’Immortela Elixir serum. The formulation, whose ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced […]