’60s hairstyles that are back in fashion in 2020

The Summer of Love is practically ancient history now since receding into the rearview mirror over half a century past. The times they are a changin’, all right, as all of the boomers who were setting the styles and changing the world back then are now the punchline to mean-spirited millennial jokes. Love them or […]

Are dip powders bad for your nails?

In case you missed it, dip powder nails are all the rage right now, and given that they supposedly last on your nails for almost three weeks without so much as a chip, it’s easy to see why. But are they too good to be true? Are dip powders actually bad for your nails? “I personally […]

This is what your eyeliner says about you

For some, a flick of eyeliner is all you need to feel put-together and ready to attack the day (or night). It can be simple or make a statement, and no matter how bad you are at doing the rest of your makeup, it’s usually the one thing makeup lover knows how to do. However, […]

The worst lockdown haircuts we've seen so far

If you’ve ever been sitting in the chair at the barber or salon and thought ‘this looks easy’, let this be a lesson to you. After hairdressers closed their doors this week to keep staff and customers safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have been taking matters into their own hands. And the results are […]

Jelly nail designs you’ll be asking for in spring 2020

Jelly nails started to trend last year, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere this year. As nail artist Alex Stonehouse told Nail Style, “’90s trends have been making a comeback for a while and jelly is no exception — remember those glittery jelly sandals? Jelly nails are super easy to create: just mix […]