Vagina Nails Are Trending, Thanks to Christina Aguilera

Vagina Nails Are Trending, Thanks to Christina Aguilera

In the world of nail art, there are plenty of directions you can take to getting the manicure of your dreams. From a classic french tip to your interpretation of a textured design, there’s nothing quite like achieving a head-turning look that starts a conversation. Now, thanks to Christina Aguilera, there’s a spotlight on a new nail trend that continues to be the talk of the town — and if you’re ready to have a little fun, you too may end up on many a mood board as well after trying it. Friends, allow us to introduce: vagina nails.

Yes, you read that correctly. Nail art inspired by your hoo-ha (or, if we’re being anatomically correct, your vulva) is having its time in the sun after the pop star was spotted with a 3D version of the design on a recent episode of the podcast “Call Her Daddy.” As a result, searches for “Christina Aguilera vulva nails” skyrocketed. It got us thinking: why do we suddenly also want to get vagina nails? If you’re now wondering the same thing, it turns out there are plenty of manicure options to choose from.

Aguilera’s version of the nail art was 3D and sculpted, but you can also get the look using everything from decals to a paintbrush. The hardest part of achieving your own vagina nails will be narrowing down which look you’d like to go for, so to make it easy, we took on the guesswork for you.

Ahead, get some inspiration for your version of vulva nails before your next visit to the salon. While you’re at it, just go ahead and crown yourself the one in the friend group with the best nail art. You’ll deserve it.

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