Martin Lewis on ‘most underclaimed benefit’ that 1.1 million may be missing

Martin Lewis revealed scores of Brits could be missing out on a cash boost.

The founder of warned up to 1.1 million people could be losing out on "one of the most underclaimed benefits" due to common misconceptions. He stressed the importance of checking your eligibility for Attendance Allowance if you are of State Pension age.

There's no set list of health problems that mean you can get Attendance Allowance. It's for those with any physical or mental issues that make daily life tough. "Even if you don't think of yourself as 'disabled', you may have a health condition or illness that means you're eligible," MSE advice states.

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You might get it if you need help with things like washing, dressing, eating, using the loo, or talking to people, Chronicle Live reports. The same goes for if you need someone to keep an eye on you so you don't hurt yourself or others.

To get Attendance Allowance, you need to show you need assistance – even if you're not getting it right now. You should be able to show you've needed this for at least six months unless you're very ill and don't have long to live, according to MSE.

If you've been holding back from claiming Attendance Allowance because you don't want a carer, remember there's no rule saying you must use the money for this. MSE said: "The principle behind attendance allowance is to help you pay for the extra costs associated with needing daily care or supervision – however, you can use the allowance however you see fit."

Attendance Allowance isn't based on your wealth – so your income, savings, investments and other assets aren't considered when deciding if you qualify. If you meet the criteria, you'll get the support no matter your financial situation.

There are two rates of Attendance Allowance. The lower rate of £68.10 per week is for those who need "frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night". The higher rate of £101.75 is for those who need "help or supervision throughout both day and night, or a medical professional has said you might have 12 months or less to live".

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