Marathon champ Clara Simal keeps training while seven months pregnant

Champion marathon runner Clara Simal has refused to stop chasing her dream despite being seven months pregnant. The 32-year-old architect from Madrid has continued to run, lift weights and stretch in the gym. Simal has urged other women to continue exercising while pregnant because “you will feel much better”. “I can continue running during the […]

Tamplin buys Romford, makes himself manager and signs 15 new players

Madcap millionaire who schmoozes with TOWIE stars and pumped £3m into non-league Billericay buys a new club, signs 15 players, sacks the manager and puts himself in charge… all on his first day! Glenn Tamplin has bought Isthmian League North Division club Romford   He has already signed 15 new players and replaced the manager with himself  […]