UK’s Labour Party in turmoil as vote to oust deputy ditched

Britain’s major opposition Labour Party was trying to defuse a major row Saturday after a close ally of leader Jeremy Corbyn sought to oust his deputy, a move that prompted a furious outcry from many in the party. While the attempt to dislodge Tom Watson was ditched after Corbyn intervened, the row laid bare divisions […]

How sixty years together led to wife being arrested for murder

Sixty blissful years, then Dennis Eccleston slipped away in hospital as his wife recalled their first date…then hours later she was arrested for his MURDER Mavis Eccleston was acquitted of murder and manslaughter of Dennis Eccleston  The 80-year-old first met Dennis, the love of her life, at a dance in January 1958 Following his death, […]

Tom Watson slams civil war at top of Labour

Tom Watson says civil war at top of Labour undermines efforts to present the party as an alternative government as he slams bid to oust him as deputy leader Tom Watson was stunned by the attempt to remove him as the Labour deputy  A motion had been proposed by Jon Lansman to abolish post of […]

Passengers ‘mutiny’ on cruise to ‘undiscovered gems’

Cruise passengers stage ‘mutiny’ after mystery trip to ‘undiscovered gems’ stopped in Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk, and a Dutch industrial port that ‘was like being on a council estate with pound shops’ Passengers on board a mystery cruise have ‘mutinied’, according to reports  Their ‘undiscovered gems’ mystery cruise docked at Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk and a Dutch […]