Moment start-up CEO lays-off 900 workers in brutal Zoom call

‘If you’re on this call, your employment here is TERMINATED’: CEO of mortgage start-up lays off 900 workers in Zoom call – then calls them so lazy they were effectively ‘stealing’ from customers provides ‘fast, low-fee approvals for mortgages,’ according to its website. About 9percent of its workforce was fired during the brutal […]

Buy now, pay dearly later: how consumers are indebted with late fees

We were all scandalised by the crooks and charlatans in collared shirts on show at Banking Badly. Yet not two minutes after Kenneth Hayne’s royal commission into banking and financial services misconduct, the government now wants to wind back responsible-lending legislation. Apparently it’s way too onerous for companies drowning in profit – or it might […]

South Africa's sees hospital admissions spike amid Omicron wave

Hospitalisations in Omicron-hit South African province are RISING faster than in any previous wave with over 1,000 admissions in a week – as doctor warns: ‘we shouldn’t be seeing these kinds of numbers this early’ Gauteng recorded over 1,000 hospital admissions this week as Omicron spreads South Africa recorded 1,802 new hospitalisations in total in […]

Real villain in Claire Foy's racy drama? The manipulative husband!

Real villain in Claire Foy’s racy drama? The manipulative husband! It was Britain’s most sensational divorce trial – featuring photo of a sex act and a ‘headless’ man – now HUGO VICKERS recalls meeting the scorned wife as case is re-told on the BBC Philip Larkin famously wrote that sexual intercourse began in 1963, ‘between the […]

Banker, 42, hits back at Tory peer Michelle Mone in 'racism' storm

‘She has lied through her back teeth’: Banker, 42, hits back at Tory peer Michelle Mone in ‘racism’ storm – and insists she even touched metal plates implanted in his face following a violent racist attack The entrepreneur and Tory peer dubbed ‘Baroness Bra’ has denied being a racist She thought former friend Richard Lynton-Jones was […]