Chrissy Teigen Has a Very Chrissy Teigen Explanation For Her New Tattoo: "I Just Like Dots"

Chrissy Teigen has a new tattoo, and it’s a perfect reminder of how they don’t always need to have a deeper meaning. The model and cookbook author revealed her new ink — a series of tiny dots drawn in a pattern on each of her right fingers — on Instagram on March 18. Her reasoning behind the design? She’s just really into dots.

“Please don’t tell me this means something in morse code, I just like dots,” she captioned the photo.

According to the caption, it was designed by LA-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who is also behind the sexy spine tattoo she got as a symbol of her love with John Legend earlier this year. Teigen joked on Twitter that the dot tattoo is “morse code for I’m tired,” and honestly, even if that were true, we wouldn’t be mad. Anyway, normalize meaningless dot tattoos.

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