The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Red Eyeliner

If anything, the chaos of 2020 has taught us to take chances, especially when it comes to bold and vibrant makeup. When we’re not embracing the skinimalism trend, we are ditching the traditional black and brown eyeliner in favor of red hues.

In 2020, beauty aficionados have been donning red eyeliner in multiple ways, from graphic cat eyes to soft and blended red eyelids. But what makes the red eyeliner trend even more appealing is the plethora of hues at your disposal, from cranberry to rose to scarlet (via Byrdie).

However, the biggest downside of this trend is that, when applied incorrectly, it can appear as though you have an eye infection or are perhaps suffering from sleep deprivation. This beauty tragedy can happen when you apply the red eyeliner along the waterline or to the inside corners of the eye (via Get the Gloss).

Although applying red eyeliner to the waterline or inside corners of the eye is undoubtedly the biggest mistake, another faux pas can occur if you pair the look with equally bold and colorful accents, like eyeshadow and lipstick. Ensure that you rock the red eyeliner trend by keeping the rest of your look relatively simple, explains Get the Gloss.

There are multiple ways to rock the red eyeliner trend

For those who treasure bold and graphic looks, the red eyeliner trend will prove to be more than worth your while. To achieve the perfect graphic look, pair the red eyeliner with a darker, fine-tipped liner to create interesting shapes on the eyelids. In fact, don’t be afraid to venture to the lower lash line to create accompanying shapes (via Byrdie). If you do want to pair eyeshadow with eyeliner and avoid looking ill or overtired, keep the eyeshadow in the same color family and stick with the same finish — whether that’s matte or shimmer.

Fans of a more classic look can try out a simple wing in a rich wine color that can be the perfect companion to date night. To take this look one step further, Byrdie recommends lining the bottom lash line with the red eyeliner and applying a lighter shade of red to the eyelids. 

Apart from eyeliner, the color red can be translated well into other beauty trends, like bright red, burgundy, or metallic eyeshadow, red mascara paired with black eyeliner, and, of course, bright red lips (per L’Oreal Paris).

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