Watch a Fitness Coach Attempt Zac Efron’s Infamous Baywatch<\/em> Workout

While Zac Efron has consistently maintained a fit and muscular physique throughout his career, he gained considerable attention for his role in 2017’s Baywatch, a movie that saw him get more shredded than he ever had before. Efron has since gone on the record about just how demanding the diet and training were for that role, saying: “I realized that when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that good of shape again. It was so hard.”

But that hasn’t stopped a number of fitness enthusiasts from attempting it, and in a new video, British YouTuber and fitness coach Lucy Davis tries out Efron’s Baywatch workout routine for herself. “I wouldn’t usually do this much volume in a session; it’s just astronomical amounts of volume,” she says. “With the warmup it’s like 800 reps.”

The warmup consists of wall press, leg swings, reverse lunges with trunk rotation, and hip stretches with torso twist. The workout itself is made up of drop sets of 10 heavy reps followed by 20 lighter reps, with 90 seconds of rest permitted between each round. (In order to lower the weight on the raises while working out with limited equipment at home, Davis substitutes bands for some of the lighter sets.)

The exercises include dumbbell lateral raises, kettlebell squats, floor dumbbell chest press, Russian deadlifts, dumbbell rows, and ab crunches.

“That genuinely was so tough,” she says. “I feel good though. It was solid, it was definitely a full-body, high-volume, hypertrophy style session, you can see why he’d do that sort of thing for his role in Baywatch. But you can definitely tell his diet was something quite heavily to do with it.”

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