Watch Rob Gronkowski Go Through a Full Workout With Professional Gamer ‘TFue’

Rob Gronkowski stays doing the most. In addition to coming out of his NFL retirement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers alongside his old pal Tom Brady, maintaining an impressive stint as the White Tiger on The Masked Singer, and leading intense online workouts for his fans during the pandemic, the tight end also regularly appears on his family’s YouTube channel.

In their latest video, The Gronks meet up with one of the internet’s top professional e-sports players, TFue a.k.a. Turner Tenney to find out how he stays fit and active. TFue walks the Gronks through his daily routine, including some of his favorite ways to exercise, and how these IRL practices help him with his focus and performance in the world of gaming.

He explains that his first go-to exercise every day is the iron neck, a slightly strange-looking contraption which is reputed to improve strength, mobility, and alleviate pain in the neck. Which comes in handy, as his gaming job involves sitting down all day.

TFue is also a fan of hip thrusts, although his technique is, shall we say, a little on the enthusiastic side. “This can be my new touchdown dance,” says Gronk. “I’ll just get on the ground, I’ll strap in, and I’ll just start hip-thrusting.”

After learning how TFue likes to keep his mind and body in peak condition through axe-throwing, Gronk leads him out to the basketball court to teach him how the Gronkowski clan traditionally stays fit: with a ruthless game of knock out.

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