Your guide to the heartthrob bob – the 90s trend that's come back around

The 90s is having a moment again with the Y2K fashion revival, and now it’s showing up in hair, too.

The latest resurgence? The ‘heartthrob bob’ is back.

For those not clued-up, the cropped style gets its name from the fact it was worn by heartthrobs in the 90s.

Not only were actresses such as Cameron Diaz, Winona Ryder and Keira Knightley wearing the style, but young actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon were too – proving that this style was the OG gender-fluid cut.

Now, it’s making a comeback, and hair expert Nicole Petty at Milk + Blush thinks it’s the perfect time.

Nicole says: ‘Like many of the trending hairstyles we’ve seen over the last few months, short hair is here to stay – and it’s all about making a statement.

‘With spring now upon us, and summer just around the corner, people are looking for a style that adds a bit of drama and freshens up their look.

‘The heartthrob bob has all the elements to make it stylish and shocking while capturing the effortless, unfussy chop that was so famous in the 90s.

‘With the 90s style big in fashion now, it’s the perfect time to opt for a nostalgic chop like this to complete the look.’

What is the heartthrob bob cut?

It’s a cropped bob, sitting higher on the face than a standard bob cut.

Nicole says: ‘To achieve this style, ask your hairdresser for an effortless 90s cropped bob with lots of choppy, soft layers. 

‘For those that would prefer to give it a more girly take, ask for some longer layered curtain bangs that sweep the cheekbones at the front. 

‘Meanwhile, if you’re ready to go full steam ahead with this style for a more gender-fluid look, consider closely cropped layers at the nape of the neck.

‘And don’t forget to take your hairdresser some photos of the desired outcome, as this will help them achieve the look you desire.’ does it suit?

Nicole believes it can work on just about anyone.

‘For those with fine, thin hair, consider having it straight and jaw-length or layered and choppy,’ she says.

‘If you have thicker locks, then layered and choppy would work, too. 

‘As for more textured, curly hair types, you should keep your hair a bit longer and ask for a clean, sharp cut along the jawline or above and add in a centre parting for best results.’

Going for a big change?

If you’re going from long hair to a cut this short, you might want to do it in stages.

Nicole says: ‘If you’ve got long hair, then cutting it shorter gradually – might be more realistic than losing half a head of hair instantly. 

‘Start by getting your hair cut to collarbone length, with some layers put in and see how you feel having short hair. If you still like it and feel comfortable after a few weeks, cut a few more inches off and follow this pattern until you’ve achieved the look you want. 

‘Doing it in stages will help you adapt to the change in your appearance and result in a longer-lasting hairstyle, rather than something you could regret.’

How should you style it?

To style and maintain the heartthrob bob, it doesn’t require much effort – the ease is in the cut itself.

Nicole recommends: ‘Create a centre parting and grab a pair of straighteners for a sleek look or embrace your curls by letting them sit or hang naturally.

‘In terms of products, you can create a glossy, wet look by adding texturising spray to air-dried hair for an effortless look that will prove super-quick for work mornings. Alternatively, run some hair wax or mousse through the hair with your fingers for a messy but stylish look.

‘For working from home days, add a hair mask or oil to keep it looking soft and shiny.  

‘There are no rules with styling this cut. It’s just easy and low-maintenance, and could look super cool.’

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