Actor Archie Lyndhurst’s Cause of Death Revealed After He Passed Away at 19

The family of British actor Archie Lyndhurst is speaking out after he tragically died at the age of 19 back in September 2020.

The young actor, best known for his role in the CBBC series So Awkward, was also the son of actor Nicholas Lyndhurst.

In a statement on her Instagram account, Archie‘s mom Lucy revealed that he died in his sleep on September 22 and she revealed the cause of death.

“On the 22nd September our world blew apart, the damage caused to it totally irreparable. Archie was, and always will remain our everything. Those of you who know us know the catastrophic effect it has had, and will have on us for the rest of our days. Archie was the most extraordinary magical human being we have ever met,” Lucy began her letter. “We are still learning each day the incredible impact he had on others lives, the kindness and generosity he showed them. He was an old soul and incredibly advanced for his years in many ways. As his parents we couldn’t be prouder of him for all he achieved in the short time he was given, and especially for the beautiful human being he was. We are so grateful and privileged to have been chosen to be his parents.”

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