Anne Hathaway's Net Worth Is Fit for a Princess (of Genovia, Specifically)

Hello and welcome Anne Hathaway fans only (Hathahaters not allowed, bye): We’re here to obsess over her net worth because it’s hiiiiiigh. Which makes sense considering the fact that she’s Princess of Genovia (heh), not to mention the fact that she makes millions per movie. Like truly, we did the per-episode math on WeCrashed and you’re simply not ready for how much Apple TV+ paid her. But first, the question on every Anne fan’s mind:

How Much Did Anne Make for The Princess Diaries?

Thanks for asking: a ton. Specifically, $400,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth, but I’m going to assume she’s racked in even more in residuals based on how many times a year I watch this movie.

And while $400,000 is obviously a huge amount for an 18-year-old to make, this is literally a pittance (a pittance, you hear?!) compared to what Anne has earned for some of her other movies.

Presenting: Anne’s Brokeback Mountain Salary

Anne reportedly made $800,000, aka *double* her Princess Diaries salary, for Brokeback Mountain. And her per-movie-rate only goes up from there. Which brings us to the film on everyone’s mind:

Anne’s Devil Wear Prada Salary Was Ginormous

Anne was reportedly paid $1 million to star in THE most iconic movie of our time. Other than Princess Diaries. And Bride Wars. And the entire High School Musical franchise, which I know Anne wasn’t in, but feels wrong not to mention.

She Made the Forbes List of Top-Earning Actresses in 2015

Forbes reported Anne made $15 million in 2015 thanks to Rio 2 and Alice Through the Looking Glass. And while we’re here, let’s take a look at some of her other high-earning movies, shall we? Ahem: Anne was reportedly paid $5 million for Get Smart, another $5 million for Bride Wars (Kate Hudson got $7 million, per The Hollywood Reporter), and $7.5 million for The Dark Knight Rises. But her biggest check? That’d be for Les Misérables, which reportedly earned her $10 million.

She Was Paid Sooooo Much for WeCrashed

Variety reports that Anne got $750,000 per episode for the Apple TV+ show, which comes to $6 million for 8 episodes. So yeah, the pivot to TV? Worth it.

She’s Super Savvy With Real Estate

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Anne bought an Upper West Side apartment in 2016 for $2.55 million and then put it on the market for $3.5 million in 2020—a pretty great profit. She and her husband currently appear to live in California, and their house—photographed for Architectural Digest—is GORGEOUS.

Let’s Not Forget Her Endorsements

Aside from good ol’ fashioned Instagram endorsements, Anne has partnered with major brands like Lancôme and BVLGARI.

She also literally gets paid to wear jewelry to various awards shows. Like in 2011, when she reportedly got $750,000 to wear this necklace by Tiffany & Co:


So What Is Anne Hathaway’s Total Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth says Anne has $80 million sitting in the bank. No words, just:

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