Anthony Mackie was told about Captain America 4 by a guy at the grocery store

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Spoilers for past episodes of Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Disney and Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale was last week. We sort-of find out who will take up the mantle as the next Captain America. We are assuming that Sam Wilson is stepping into the Marvel Universe as the next Cap which means that Anthony Mackie will presumably be headlining the next Captain America movie. Despite news about the fourth installment of the Captain America franchise, we didn’t get confirmation on who would be headlining the movie. Marvel has left everyone in the dark including Anthony. In a conversation with USA Today, Mackie stated that he found out that there will be another Captain America movie from a guy at the grocery store. Below are a few highlights from that interview.

On if it ever occurred to him that he would be Captain America
Literally not once did I think they would bring that [comic storyline] into the film universe. Marvel doesn’t follow the comic books point-for-point. I never considered the idea of becoming Captain America. Chris, Sebastian and I we’ve always had fun together. The three of us being together is way cooler and way more fun than me sitting in the bushes trying to get Chris Evans’ job.

America struggles with acknowledgement for Black Americans and their contributions for what this country has become. It meant a lot to Sam simply for Bucky to say ‘I never considered what it would mean to a Black man to become Captain America.’

The idea of being the title character in a Marvel movie, there’s no words to describe it, especially as a Black actor. Black actors don’t get that opportunity. To have the opportunity, for all the stuff that I had to do to get here, it would be a monumental feat.

On if he’s cooler to his kids now
With my boys, I’m very frank and blunt with them about what it means to sacrifice. A lot of people don’t realize as actors how much we give up in order to be successful in our field. The five of us were watching it together. The two little ones [he has four boys ages 4, 5, 8 and 11] looked at the tv and they go ‘dad, that guy looks just like you.’ The other one goes ‘he sounds just like you too.’ They look at me, ‘dad, you could be Captain America.’ The other two started laughing. And they’re like ‘can we have some more popcorn?’

The 11 and 8 year-old get it. To them it’s really cool. The little ones they just don’t get how you could be on TV and on the couch at the same time.

On rumors of a Captain America 4 movie
I love working with Marvel because you literally find out stuff from people at the grocery store. I had no idea. They didn’t call me or tell me. Literally the dude at the grocery store takes off his mask and goes ‘are you really starting part 4?’

‘What are you talking about?’ He takes out his phone ‘look that’s you!’

Nobody told me! I found out in the grocery store buying red beans and rice.

[From video on USA Today]

Kevin Feige runs a tight damn ship. How do you NOT tell the people working on the shows and movies the plot? I am sure they do that to keep cast and crew from leaking because some of them have very loose lips. But I would be nutty as an actor if I didn’t get the script for each episode until the week before the shoot. I have to see all of the pieces so that I know how to maneuver. But the fact that Anthony STILL doesn’t know if he’ll actually be Captain America says a lot.

I am already married to Sam taking up the mantle and being the first Black Captain America in the cinematic universe. I am also looking forward to the exploration of Isaiah Bradley’s story and to see Bucky as Sam’s sidekick. The FATWS series set us up for the next Captain America movie.

Anyways, Mackie has really grown on me these last few years. I love how Mackie’s younger children don’t care about him being Captain America. It was wonderful to hear Mackie talk about the sacrifices that actors have to make in order to be a leading man or woman. I think many people don’t realize how straining pursuing a creative career can be on relationships. I really believe that Mackie can carry the future Captain America franchise, especially if the writing is as good as episodes five and six of FATWS.

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