Barack Obama praises his daughters’ take on ‘cancel culture’: They ‘don’t expect everybody to be perfect’

Barack Obama is praising his daughters for their take on “cancel culture,” their social activism and their generation’s fight for fairness.

The former president’s daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, participated in Black Lives Matter protests last summer after the death of George Floyd, Obama previously shared. In a new interview with Anderson Cooper that aired Monday, he divulged more about their beliefs.

Among them is their “good sense” of “cancel culture,” he said. 

“They’ll acknowledge that sometimes among their peer group or in college campuses, you’ll see folks going overboard (on cancel culture),” Obama said. “But they have a pretty good sense of ‘Look, we don’t expect everybody to be perfect. We don’t expect everybody to be politically correct all the time, but we are going to call out institutions or individuals if they are being cruel.’ “

Former President Barack Obama praises his daughters, Sasha and Malia, for their wisdom when it comes to cancel culture. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI, AFP/Getty Images)

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Obama also told Cooper that his daughters are “so much wiser” than he was when he was younger and that the difference between his generation and his daughters’ generation is that they don’t tolerate injustice. That gives him “optimism.”

“When people talk about how do I think about my legacy, part of it is the kids who were raised during the eight years I was president,” Obama said. “There are a bunch of basic assumptions they make about what this country can and should be that I think are still sticking. They still believe it and they’re willing to work for it.”

Obama, 59, spoke about his daughters’ involvement with last summer’s protests in November interview with People saying he “could not have been prouder of them.”

“Their attitude was — we’ve seen something wrong and we want to fix it, and we think we can fix it. And we understand that it’s not gonna take just a day or a week or one march to fix it. But we’re in it for the long haul,” he said. 

Another part of Obama’s legacy will lie in the Obama Presidential Center, which is expected to break ground in Chicago this fall.

The $500 million center is planned to include a museum, forum, public library, plaza, playground and pedestrian and bicycle paths.

“Traditionally I think presidential libraries can be a little backward-looking … kind of a mausoleum in the sense that not much is happening,” Barack Obama said Friday  at a virtual event hosted by the Economic Club of Chicago. “Our thought was, well, let’s create an institution that is alive and vibrant and is bringing people together.”

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