Cher admits she’s ‘struggling to sleep’ after death of her late mother

Cher, 76, took to Twitter at the weekend to share the sad announcement that her mother Georgia Holt had passed away aged 96. The singer has since updated her fans on her grieving process, admitting that she has been “struggling to sleep” as well as giving an insight into her mother’s last moments.

Can’t sleep very well.


Cher lost her beloved mother on Saturday, announcing the sad news on Twitter with the simple three words: “Mom is gone.”

The singer has since updated her followers on Twitter about her grieving process as well as sharing the “pain” Georgia was in during her last moments.

She wrote in view of her 4 million followers: “Can’t sleep very well.

“The truth. She’s been Sick,&rallying,she then got bad,She was in so much pain. Finally she coded on way to Hosp.

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“By time we Got to Hosp….The Woman who Who Was MY KICK A** MOM was No long Here.” (sic)

Social media users rushed to the post’s comments to share their condolences to the singer as she started the first week without her beloved mother.

Emtrrt_cat said: “I really think that losing your mum is like losing your life anchor.

“No matter how old you are. I lost mine in 2004. I’ve felt adrift since then.”

Singer Nancy Sinatra commented: “Cher, I know that losing your mother is painful and lonely.

“Her passing leaves a huge hole that might never be filled, yet she will always be with you, you know that.

“Cry and cry and cry and when you can, look at pictures and cry some more, then look to your heart. SHE IS THERE.”

Back in September, Cher revealed that her mother had been hospitalised with pneumonia and had been suffering from recurring health issues.

She later said she was out of medical care for now and was getting better.


“C’mon 96 with Pneumonia, she’s a champ,”(sic) the singer tweeted at the time.

The musician is Georgia’s daughter from her first marriage to John Sarkisian.

She began her career at just six years old singing on an Oklahoma City radio station.

In 2013, she released her album Honky Tonk Woman, which featured a duet with her daughter.

A year later, Georgia appeared in an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race alongside Cher’s son Chaz Bono.

Georgia was always a lifelong support system for Cher, seeing her through stratospheric fame and turbulent romances.

Speaking about her upbringing, Cher said in a previous interview: “She never gave me and my sister advice because, truthfully, she knew we’d never take it.”

Cher also wrote on Twitter earlier this year in response to Judy Jordan: “I love my mom, but ours wasn’t always a marriage made in heaven.

“I was stubborn, a strong, willed little child, I was a little pony who couldn’t be broken and it scared her.”

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