Christina Haack: I’m Starting a New TV Show With My New Husband!

Earlier this week, we reported on the news that Christina Haack got married to Josh Hall in a super-secretive ceremony.

How secretive was it?

Well, no one has any idea of exactly when Christina and Josh got married!

In fact, were it not for the fact that Haack applied to change her last name on her realtor’s license, we might not even know that she’s newly hitched!

It makes sense that Christina is so eager to keep her love life out of the headlines, of course.

After all, she’s already been involved in two very high-profile divorces.

Christina split from Tarek El-Moussa amid major controversy in December of 2016.

Haack married Ant Antstead in 2018 but they went their separate ways less than two years later.

The folks at TMZ, who are usually pretty good about getting to the bottom of this sort of thing, could only confirm that Christina and Josh got married sometime in the past six months.

Christina confirmed this week that she and Josh have tied the knot, but she didn’t offer up any details.

In all likelihood, she probably would have continued to keep the whole thing a secret were it not for the fact that she has a new project to promote:

Yes, People magazine confirmed today that Christina is heading to Tennessee for a 6-episode docu-series entitled Christina In the Country

“I am so excited and grateful Christina in the Country has officially been picked up,” Christina told the outlet.

“I love that I get the best of both worlds—the coast and the country,” the 38-year-old continued.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to get to work in Tennessee, our home away from home.”

It seems that Christina bought a vacation home in rural Tennessee several years ago and has enjoyed spending time there with her family ever since.

News of her new project comes just weeks after it was revealed that her first series, Flip or Flop, will be coming to an end after 10 years on HGTV.

“I will be forever grateful to have had a series for a decade. It’s a huge accomplishment and everyone who worked on the show should be very proud,” Haack told People last month.

“The series made it through ups and downs and trust me it wasn’t always easy,” she added.

She’s certainly not kidding on that last point.

The show survived Christina and Tarek’s messy divorce, but in the end it seems that the tension on set led the couple to pursue separate projects.

“The show was just too intimate of a setting at this point and it was time to close that chapter,” a source close to the situation told People.

But just because she’s done working with Tarek, that doesn’t mean that Christina is done with HGTV.

“Christina has captivated millions of passionate fans with her West Coast life in three seasons of Christina on the Coast,” Katie Ruttan-Daigle, the network’s vice president of programming said in a statement issued today.

“Now she’s ready to share new family adventures and stunning design and renovation projects set in the beautiful Tennessee countryside. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her in Christina in the Country.” 

Yes, it sounds like this is a new beginning for Christina in more ways than one.

Insiders say Josh will star alongside her in the new show, and we’re sure that fans are almost as excited as Haack is!

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