Dani Dyer hits back at ‘annoying’ mum shamers after weaning baby son Santiago

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Dani Dyer has hit back at mum shamers after they accused her of "influencing" other mums to wean their children before six months old.

In a new YouTube video, the Love Island star, 24, who set up an incredible inflatable pub in her garden for the Euros, revealed her decision to wean her son is completely up to her.

"Santiago is now on porridge as well, aren't you?" she said as she was holding Santiago in her arms.

"Another thing as well, I've heard a little bit of that on Instagram where I've shared that now he's five months I've started him on a bit of porridge in the morning and people are so anti-weaning before six months, which is fair.

"Everyone is allowed their opinion and they're entitled to their opinion."

She continued: "It is a little bit annoying when people are telling me I'm influencing others to do it when I'm not.

"I'm just saying what I'm doing in my life."

"We're all so different," added Dani.

"If I want to give him a bit of porridge in the morning, I'll give him a bit of porridge in the morning."

It wasn't long before many of her fans waded in to support Dani's decision to feed her son porridge in the mornings.

"Dani don’t take no notice of what people say or what the books say!" one began to write.

"Women have had babies for generations and they all managed to get through.

"The people who will give you the best advice is probably your parents."

They went on: "You know your child, you know his cares and wants. You do you!

"I’ve brought up two kids and the rules are completely different these days.

"You can’t do this and you can’t do that. It’s all bulls***! Go with what is good for you and your baby x."

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