Dave Chappelle Loses It At Paul-Woodley Fight, 'Do It For The Culture!'

“Tyron, let your hands go! F*** it!!!”

If you were wondering what Dave Chappelle was yelling during the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight, TMZ Sports has you covered … ’cause we just got video of the comedy legend in the stands Sunday night — and it’s hilarious!!!

Of course, DC had ringside seats for the big event … which means his every move was picked up by cameras on the Pay-Per-View broadcast — from yelling to clapping and REALLY getting into the fight.

No matter how loud Chappelle was cheering, there was no way the mics were gonna be able to pick up exactly what he was saying … but after checking out these vids, taken by Anthony Jones, we wish they did!

Before the fight, DC led an Ohio State-classic “OH-IO” chant — after all, the fight was in Cleveland … so we’re sure there were plenty of Buckeyes in the stands.

Next, he took his focus to the fighters … giving out some hilarious advice.

“Jake, grab his cheeks!!!,” DC said, which is a reference to Paul recently complimenting Tyron’s “big booty” and saying he wanted to squeeze his ass.

DC was then shouting for Woodley to let his hands go and throw some punches … saying, “From Ferguson, Missouri, let them hands go!”

“This is for the culture, this is for the culture!!!”

Chappelle’s cheerleading didn’t really help, though … as Jake secured a split decision win.

But, DC didn’t seem too worried about it — he actually linked up with the Paul bros after the fight and said he wanted free tickets to the rest of their fights!!!

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