Fern Britton receives support over ‘grim’ health woes as cats ‘nurse’ her following split

Fern Britton opens up on her first marriage ending

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Fern Britton, 64, has revealed she is “lapping up” sympathy after coming down with coronavirus in the last couple of days. The former This Morning host previously tested negative for Covid-19 before re-testing today and being confirmed positive.

On Twitter, she shared a photo of her positive coronavirus test and typed: “You are all so lovely! Lapping up the sympathy and sending love to everyone who is suffering. 

“Back to bed xxxxxxxx,” she added.

The star had received many messages of support after saying yesterday she was “sore” and “achy” from a mysterious illness.

@ShelleyBathy replied: “Hope you feel better soon. Me and my fella have got it too.”

@The_Environmunt commented: “Feel for you. Mine was identical. Nothing, then 2 strong lines. The first four days are rough, sweats, headaches and aches. Plenty of fluid, and do t stay in bed. It went to my chest, keep an eye on that. Triple vaxxed luckily.”

@YbreareyYvonne shared: “Oh no! Poor you! Rest well Fern xx.”

@iamcornishpasty added: “Oh no, it’s the one time you don’t want to be waking up positive. Hope you don’t feel too poorly with it Fern. Mind you, the weather’s a bit iffy today, I should stay snuggled indoors with a good book & possibly a good glass of wine. Stay safe, stay happy.”

@marcwood2970 remarked: “Ooh no Fern, I am still recovering from Covid, I’ve had no taste or smell for 10 days now. Take care and rest x.”

Fern took a test to see if it was coronavirus but it came back negative, leaving her cats to “nurse” her for the time being.

She typed: “So last night’s test was negative …, but now. Day nurse is a wonderful medicine, isn’t it? 

“Feeling pretty grim (not COVID) with blocked ears, sore throat and achy muscles. 

“Two tablets have got me up enough to make a cuppa … exhausted now so back to bed. Both cats nursing me,” she added.

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Fern recently opened up about her personal life in an interview following her marriage split from Phil Vickery.

Speaking to PA, Fern explained why she has no desire to get back on the dating scene.

She said: “I’ve got lovely friends and I have a lovely social life, which is quite enough for me.

“I like to be in bed at nine o’clock – it’s great.”

Nowadays, she still misses “talking through” her problems with her ex-husband, so instead, she shares her woes with her beloved cats.

“I miss the opportunity of talking through a problem with another adult, to get their take on it. So I talk to the cats, who usually have the answer,” the star confessed.

The TV presenter spoke candidly about life after divorce, and in a recent interview with Woman&Home, she said the “rebound” has been difficult – and not as easy as people said it would be.

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