Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Got A Rumored New Beau – Here's What You Need To Know About Him!

Good news, Bachelor Nation!

It appears Hannah Brown may be officially OFF the market and in a fun new relationship! The 26-year-old Alabama native was spotted with a mystery man this week, and they looked pretty close and chummy! This might be for real!

The whole thing began on Monday, when Brown was spotted by Daily Mail cameras out and about in downtown El Lay holding hands with this possible new beau. And after the photos were published, he was quickly identified as 33-year-old male model Adam Woolard! Wow… sexy! Good catch, Hannah!

But what is there to know about Woolard, anyways?! Luckily, we’ve got that covered for you (below)!


He’s A Male Model And Actor

Listed at 6’1″ and 175 lbs., according to his modeling bios, Woolard is signed to The Campbell Agency as a model, and to Work Talent Agency for commercial and acting representation. He’s got a hunky “every man” brown-haired look with beautiful eyes, and he rocks a clean-shaven face for higher-fashion modeling just as well as he can show off some scruff for more casual photo shoots and commercial spots.

As you can see from this Work Talent Agency Instagram post from two years ago (below), he’s got experience on things like eHarmony commercial campaigns and more:

A post shared by Raynard Pearson (@worktalent)

Wow! Versatile! Sadly, he’s made his own IG account private, so we can’t drool over his personal sexy pics. Alas, maybe one day soon… Ha!!!!

We will leave this here, though (below):

A post shared by Raynard Pearson (@worktalent)

Ohhhhhhh yes!!!

He’s Got A Great Education

It’s not just about this man’s looks, though! He can hit the books, too!

According to his LinkedIn profile, Woolard earned two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Arkansas — in business administration and finance. Smart! Gotta take a lot of math classes to get a finance degree. More than we could ever do! LOLz! Beyond that, he also earned his MBA from Lipscomb University in Nashville back in 2012. This dude is MOTIVATED and we love it!

Now we’re starting to wonder whether Hannah can keep up with him! Kidding, of course…

“Real” Career, Too!

Modeling can be a hit or miss thing (unless you’re, like, Gigi Hadid or somebody! LOLz!), so Woolard doesn’t bank on that when it comes time to paying his bills!

According to his professional work portfolio, the good ol’ Southern boy currently works as a private client sales director for the men’s luxury fashion label Greg Lauren. Prior to that, he was in banking, working as both a concierge banker and a treasury specialist at Avenue Bank. Good stuff!

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, he’s also mentioned in his Instagram bio that he also works part-time as a meditation and lifestyle coach! Does this guy know there are only 24 hours in a day?! Dayummm!!!

He’s A Volunteer!

We don’t mean, like, a Tennessee Volunteer! Though he is from there… LOLz!

No, we’re talking about actual volunteerism! According to Woolard’s professional bio, he’s spent years working with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee while also building home with Habitat for Humanity. Awesome!

He even notes how he “worked directly under the Family Services Director assisting in the first steps of evaluating applicants” as part of his duties at Habitat. So he’s committed to improving the community around him, then? We LOVE him for that! More hunks should be like this! Ha!

He’s Already Making His Play…

The Nashville-based model and businessman has already been making his move on Hannah for at least a little longer than the public has known about it! Not only has he cryptically popped up — without showing his face, of course — on Hannah’s personal Instagram account, but he has also already wined and dined our girl, too!

Eagle-eyed fans in Nashville noticed Brown out with a man suspected to be Woolard for a dinner date this past weekend. Clearly, he’s not afraid to go after what he wants! Something tells us Hannah should LOVE that!

Anyways, what do U think about the former Bachelorette‘s possible new BF, Perezcious readers?! Are U happy for her here, or what??

Sound OFF with your reactions and more, down in the comments (below)!

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