Fox News' Janice Dean Calls for Gov Cuomo to Be Jailed (Video)

Dean, whose in-laws died of Covid-19 in New York nursing homes, said Cuomo needs to be jailed and investigated

Fox News’ Janice Dean wants to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — and all his associates — in jail immediately. And not over mounting accusations of sexual harassment, but over his administration’s cover-up of COVID deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

“They have never apologized to the families — 15,000 families — that deserve an apology. The only thing the governor is going to be sorry for is the fact that he got caught, and you know what? He needs to go to jail and all of those around him. There is no if and or but here,” Dean said Friday, one day after the New York Times reported that top Cuomo aides rewrote an official report to hide the true nursing home death toll amid the ongoing pandemic.

According to the Times, the rewriting of the report came just as Cuomo began writing a book about his pandemic leadership over the summer. By that time in June, said the paper, over 9,000 people had died of Covid-19 in the state’s nursing homes.

“Promoting that book and making money off of Covid and our dead loved ones… Disgusting, corrupt, and it needs to be investigated,” said Dean.

Dean’s in-laws died of Covid-19 in a New York nursing home and since then, she’s become a vocal critic of the governor’s, writing op-eds and speaking out on air and on Twitter. She was criticizing Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus before the nursing home scandal became national news or the accusations of sexual harassment against him were known.

Cuomo apologized earlier this week after three women publicly accused him of misconduct.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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