Funny celebrity photos for July 2021

He’s revered for his good deeds and sacrifice… and the other guy is the Pope.

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Uma Thurman hasn’t made a splash this big since “Kill Bill.”

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All these hotel guests could technically say they slept with Paris Hilton.

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Ironically, Ben Affleck’s current girlfriend is known for the junk in her trunk too.

No wonder Allison Mack didn’t see her prison sentence coming.

Jenny McCarthy also cuts vaccines out of her life.

Hopefully Quentin Tarantino doesn’t sign for his loans this way.

Chrissy Teigen is not nearly as sweet on social media.

Isla Fisher doesn’t just crash weddings.

Considering he’s often around the Kardashian-Jenners, this might be the only way Travis Scott gets any fresh air.

Pauly D’s diet is about to take the L… lactose.

Kathy Hilton is always keeping an eye on the “Housewives.”

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