Gemma Collins reveals she works out every day and is addicted to exercise

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She's always been body confident but after recently losing 3.5 stone, Gemma Collins is feeling better than ever. The GC says she has lost the weight via daily exercise but says she doesn't do anything "too strenuous". "I walk and I use my weights – nothing major," she says.

After experiencing the rush of endorphins from exercise and loving the results of her new regime, the former TOWIE star admits that she is now addicted.

"Exercising keeps me motivated because it’s like an addiction. You get used to feeling better about yourself and it becomes part of a routine. I wake up, train for an hour and start my day," Gemma, 40, says.

Gemma has always battled with her weight and experimented with various diets and faddy exercise regimes but it seems this time she has found what works for her and she's feeling, and looking, better than ever.

But despite her changing body shape, Gemma reveals that she's always been body confident, whatever her size. "Just because you’re overweight, it doesn’t mean you’re not happy," she says. "People come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve always accepted myself for how I am.

Besides feeling better about herself, there is another reason why Gemma is trying to shape up. She wants to fulfil her long held dream of becoming a mum.

With her signature sass she explains: "I lost the weight because I want to have a baby. I’m trying to get myself in the best possible shape so that I can have a child and get pregnant a lot easier. I’m on it, honey."

She also says she wants to have lots of kids and won't put a limit on how many. "As many as I possibly can," she laughs.

And there is another reason why Gemma has a smile on her face – she has rekindled her relationship with former fiance Rami Hawash and tells us with a smile: "I’m totally in love, hun. This is it."

She continues: "He loves me for me and he respects me as a woman. He absolutely adores me and is just so celebratory of me. Rami is not intimidated by me and doesn’t try to compete with me in my career. He is very sure of himself as a man."

She also lets slip to us that she's hoping she and Rami will soon be walking up the aisle after previously calling off their engagement: "Before, it was the right person, wrong time. I had too many other distractions. I’d just joined TOWIE, whereas now we’re both in the right place in our lives. He’s the man of my dreams. I love him very much."

Let's hope the GC is finally going to get her happy ending!

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