Halle Bailey Talks Dying Her Hair Red & Keeping Her Locs for ‘The Little Mermaid’

Halle Bailey is opening up about her hair in the new live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid!

The 23-year-old star of course got to keep her locs for the role, and director Rob Marshall has even stated that he wanted her to keep them.

“It was super important for me to have my natural hair in this film. I was really grateful to [director] Rob Marshall, because he wanted to keep my locs. It’s always important to have somebody to cosign,” Halle previously told Ebony.

“I’ve had my locs since I was 5, so they’re a huge part of who I am,” she added. “We need to be able to see ourselves, we need to be able to see our hair on big screens like this, so that we know that it’s beautiful and more than acceptable.”

Now, she’s adding to that conversation, and how hair stylist Camille Friend transformed Halle‘s own hair to the more red color for Ariel.

Find out what Halle said inside…

“[Ariel still] has red hair, because that’s a very iconic part of her, but I really did admire the fact that because I’m a Black woman and I have locs, [the producers] wanted to incorporate that into Ariel’s look,” she told Glamour mag.

Her hair transformation for the role included dying her own natural roots red and wrapping her locs in the same shade to get the look that we see on screen.

“They’re [hairstylist Camille Friend and makeup artist Kat Ali] both women of color, so I felt very comfortable. They know how to take care of me and my hair and makeup. I’ve been on sets before where that’s not the case,” Halle added about the hair and makeup transformation for the role.

Halle famously kept her hair hidden when she would go on lives with her sister while filming, so we wouldn’t see it. Then, photos from set came out where we really got a first glimpse at what her hair looked like.


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