Harvard Physicist Avi Loeb Claims Alien Object Pierced Our Solar System in 2017

A renowned Harvard physicist has a bold theory — a celestial object that hurled through our solar system in 2017 was actually not of our galaxy … but from another, perhaps light-years away.

Avi Loeb — whose new book, “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” delves more into his hypothesis — came on “TMZ Live” Tuesday to explain why a massive, sleek unidentified piece of debris that crossed our path in 2017 might’ve been other-worldly.

Check it out … Avi says when it was studied by physicists and other scientists at the time, it had none of the makings of a typical asteroid or meteor that we would see from a distant star in the Milky Way. On the contrary, he explains that it was actually propelled by an unknown source, and appears (to him, anyway) to have pierced through from a faraway place.

The Chairman of the Harvard Astronomy Dept. goes on to break down how he and his contemporaries think the object was catching flight … it’s a technology that’s beyond our grasp at this point, but one that could describe how the 100-yard entity moved how it did. Think ‘Star Wars’ hyperspace … and now, add light to the mix. That’s pretty much what Avi believes happened here.

As for what exactly it could be … Avi’s said it might be nothing more than space junk. But, whose space junk is the key question. In his eyes, it ain’t ours … which is extraordinary.

BTW … he also said it’s super arrogant of earthlings to think they’re the only life form in the entire universe.

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