Is Harry Styles Coming out With a Beauty Line? Here's Why Fans Think So

Harry Styles is known for his flamboyant style with his risk-taking and gender-bending fashion, but is a beauty and fragrance line next? A fan on TikTok theorized that Styles’ next business endeavor could be pursuing cosmetics. If he were to do this, he’d be following other successful celebrities-turned-makeup-moguls like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez. Here’s why fans are speculating over a possible Styles makeup business.

One Direction had a fragrance line; What do the 1D perfumes smell like?

In addition to being a massively successful pop boy band, One Direction also had a fragrance line. Their first perfume, “Our Moment,” launched in 2013 — the same year as their third album, Midnight Memories. One Direction followed up on “Our Moment” with “That Moment” a year later. The band also released “You & I,” a fragrance that shares a name with a song from the album Four.

One Direction’s final fragrance, “Between Us,” came out in 2015. The word “floral” is often used to describe all four fragrances.

Is Harry Styles coming out with a beauty and fragrance line? A fan on TikTok think so and here’s why

While Styles has been part of Gucci campaigns for the luxury brand’s fragrance, fans are speculating that he himself might have his own line soon. A fan on TikTok spoke about Twitter user Mike Adam’s tweet.

Adam’s tweet read: “#HarryStyles has filed a trademark for his own fragrance and cosmetics line called ‘Styles Harry Edward’. This. Is. Awesome. Can’t wait!”

The fan speculated, “Now why would he call it this instead of Harry Edward Styles? Because Styles Harry Edward, if you abbreviate it just by the first letters, would be SHE. SHE Cosmetics. SHE fragrance. Harry Styles is coming out with a SHE cosmetics and fragrance line, this is so cool! We’re gonna get to walk around and get to say that we’re wearing SHE by Harry Styles!”

What would ‘SHE,’ the abbreviation of the possible makeup line by Harry Styles, be referencing?

If Styles were to come out with a beauty and fragrance line called SHE, he wouldn’t only be abbreviating the letters of his name. He also would be referencing his song “She” from his 2019 album Fine Line.

The song “She” contains lyrics: “Nine in the morning / The man drops his kids off at school / And he’s thinking of you / Like all of us do / Sends his assistant for coffee in the afternoon / Around 1:32 / Like he knows what to do.”

Styles’ album Fine Line was up for 3 Grammy Award nominations at the 2021 award ceremony. He was nominated in the following categories: Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar;” Best Pop Vocal Album for Fine Line; and Best Music Video for “Adore You.”

He took home the win for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar” from his second album. His first album, Harry Styles, came out in 2017 with leading single “Sign of the Times.”

We’ll have to keep an eye out for any more updates regarding a possible beauty and fragrance line from Styles.

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