Jeannie Mai ‘Loves’ It When Husband Jeezy Plays With Her Pregnant Belly During ‘Beautiful’ Sex

When sharing intimate details about making love with her husband in a new YouTube video, ‘The Real’ co-host reveals that her sex drive decreased for the first trimester which led to an ’emotional roller coaster.’

AceShowbizJeannie Mai has opened up about her sex life with Jeezy (Young Jeezy) during her pregnancy. “The Real” co-host admitted that she “loves” it when her husband plays with her pregnant belly while making love.

In the Thursday, November 11 episode of her YouTube channel “Hello Hunnay With Jeannie Mai”, the 42-year-old talk show host spoke with certified intimacy educator Shan Boodram about pregnancy sex. In the clip, she said Jeezy will play with her belly during sex. “In fact, one of my favorite positions is actually being on top of J because then you see your belly, you see his face,” she added more intimate details.

“I credit him,” Jeannie said. “I didn’t tell him to do this, so him [sic] normalizing that the baby’s there.” The expectant mom added, “You know how some men might be like, ‘I don’t wanna touch the baby’ or maybe ‘I’m not touching the belly’? But making it all like, ‘Yo, you gotta be up in the mix in this. This is how you got made!’ I think there’s something really beautiful about that.”

Elsewhere in the video, Jeannie revealed that her first trimester was an “emotional roller coaster” and that her sex drive decreased. “Like I needed to hear, ‘Do you love me? Why do you love me? Do you think I’m pretty? Do you see changes in my body?’ ” the singer recalled.

“I had these needy questions that made me feel very insecure and not attracted to myself,” Jeannie continued. She went on to say that at that time, she felt “sex wasn’t great” because she “was in [her] head a lot.” She then jokingly said, “For him, I don’t think guys even notice it.”

But then, during her second trimester, which she’s in right now, she shared that everything changed. “The party is on. It’s back and poppin’. The back is cracking. Everything is good in this department. I love it,” she unveiled.

Jeannie made her pregnancy announcement on “The Real”. At that time, she showed off her baby bump and told her co-hosts, “I can definitely say that our Real fam is growing and it’s been really hard to keep all of these secrets from you guys because we’ve had so much to reveal here at the show, including the fact that…I am pregnant!”

“I do know that you never say never, and that love can really change you and I’m so thankful to be on a show that’s really helped me to grow and to evolve and to see myself differently than I would have ever imagined seeing myself,” Jeannie further shared. She then vowed that she will be “an awesome mom.”

On September 21, Jeannie, who married Jeezy in March, posted on Instagram a video of her and her husband listening to their unborn baby’s heartbeat. “Okay baby J, this is the doctor talking to you. Baby J, this is your daddy, this is your daddy. Hi baby! Hi Baby! Can you hear me?” Jeezy said.

Then on October 9, Jeannie let out a clip of her taking an ultrasound scan. “I can’t believe how quickly time flies.. this was Baby J back at only 6 oz!!” she captioned her post. “Now at 6 months today, I’m all ears about what to expect these last 13 weeks. Pls do share below books, podcasts, tips, how to handle mood swings & SLEEP.”

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