Jenna Ortega Finds Fame ‘Scary and Stressful’ After Deactivating Twitter

The ‘Wednesday’ star decided to say goodbye to the blue bird app after facing intense backlash for gushing over her close friendship with her co-star and alleged sexual abuser Percy Hynes White.

AceShowbizJenna Ortega has gotten candid about how her life has changed since becoming famous following her appearance on hit Netflix series “Wednesday“. The 20-year-old actress admitted that she finds fame “scary and stressful” in a new interview.

Speaking to The Associated Press in an interview aired on Thursday, March 9, the former Disney Channel star indicated that increasing fame isn’t always a glowing positive. She said she feels like “there are more opinions” on her life and her career.

“I almost feel more pressure,” Jenna explained, “I feel like more of a public figure than I ever have, and that’s really stressful because anything that you say can be twisted this way or suddenly people make assumptions about you or they’re oversexualizing you.”

Jenna added, “You know, it’s just like a really scary place to be.” The “Scream VI” star also highlighted that she kind of feels like she’s “thrown to the wolves” sometimes. “So, I just really try not to think about it at all,” she concluded.

The interview came after fans noticed that Jenna decided to say goodbye to Twitter. The social media gesture arrived after she gushed over her close bond with her “Wednesday” co-star Percy Hynes White, who was accused of sexual assault.

Jenna talked about their friendship during her recent appearance on Dax Shepard‘s podcast “Armchair Expert”. She even called him one of her closest friends, in addition to George Farmer and Emma Myers.

Speaking specifically about Percy and George, who lived in the same apartment building as her, she gave insight into their close-knit bond. “We mothered each other, so whenever someone was busier, like going through something, we were there,” so she said.

Jenna’s statement quickly sparked debate on Twitter, with many questioning why Jenna called Percy her friend while she knew about the sexual assault allegations. Stories of Percy sexually abusing women first emerged in January.

At the time, Twitter user @milkievich accused Percy of pedophilia, racism and sexual abuse. The alleged victim posted a thread in which she claimed that Percy and his friends would often throw parties with the explicit goal of taking advantage of women. She claimed that they would “invite women they thought were hot so they could get them drunk and high enough to have sex with them.” She even called him a “serial” assaulter.

Shortly after, a short video of Percy being “touchy” with Jenna while attending the Golden Globes afterparty emerged on the Internet. In the footage, Jenna could be seen disturbed when Percy placed his arm on her shoulder while the latter was talking to reporters and fans in front of them.

Percy’s career appeared to be in jeopardy following the wild allegations. It’s rumored that the actor portraying Xavier Thorpe on “Wednesday” won’t be in the series’ second season.

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