Jennifer Aniston's Hair Gives Major Brigitte Bardot Vibes in 'Murder Mystery 2' Behind the Scenes

Jennifer Aniston has been a hair icon since her stint on Friends from 1994 to 2004. Over the years, the actor has maintained her status as a celebrity beauty, especially for her fabulous tresses. In fact, her hair recently made waves on the set of Murder Mystery 2 in Paris, where she wore a Brigitte Bardot-inspired updo.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is her calling card

Since portraying Rachel Green in the ’90s sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been a hair icon for women who still strive to achieve similar styles. Some are easy if your hair has the right texture, while others seem impossible to replicate.

Aniston’s hairstyles on Friends ranged from messy waves to straightened locks, sit-at-home ponytails to glamorous updos, long manes to short bobs, and even the famous “Rachel” hairdo. If there’s a style you love, chances are Aniston wore it during the 10 seasons of Friends.

Her hairstyles’ beauty and versatility make it tempting for fans to pick a season and style their hair after hers. However, just because Friends concluded doesn’t mean Aniston’s fab-hair timeline has ended.

Jennifer Aniston’s Brigitte Bardot-inspired hairstyle in Paris

In an Instagram post, Aniston shared behind-the-scenes shots from her upcoming movie with Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery 2. The cast and crew recently filmed on location in Paris. So it was only natural that Aniston channel French idol Brigitte Bardot.

Which hairstyle did Aniston borrow? Glimpse it in her Instagram clip, where the actor sits while looking at a monitor. Her hair is pulled up in a messy, layered ponytail with delicately fringed bangs falling around her face. The hairstyle is casual yet sophisticated, reminiscent of Bardot’s tresses, albeit a modernized version.

Bardot is a former Paris-born French actor, singer, and model who found fame in the ’50s and ’60s. She was best known as a sex symbol who lived a hedonistic lifestyle.

In 1973, she left the entertainment industry. However, she is still considered a major cultural icon in some circles.

The plot thickens in ‘Murder Mystery 2’

Murder Mystery 2 is an upcoming sequel to Murder Mystery, also starring Aniston and Sandler. The first film follows a married couple — hairdresser Audrey and New York police officer Nick — on a long-awaited trip to Europe for their 15th wedding anniversary.

The two end up on a billionaire’s yacht, where a man dies under mysterious circumstances. Nick and Audrey are soon framed for the murder, and high jinks ensue.

Murder Mystery made Netflix’s list of most-streamed titles upon the movie’s 2019 release. Thanks to its massive popularity, a highly anticipated follow-up is in the works.

Unfortunately, details about the sequel have been scarce so far, but it’s supposed to come out sometime in 2022. Until then, everything from trailers to teasers is in short supply. All anyone can say with confidence is that Netflix is doing what it can to fast-track the film so that it can be released as soon as possible.

In addition to reuniting Aniston and Sander, Murder Mystery 2 will also bring back actors Adeel Akhtar as the Maharajah and John Kani as Colonel Ulenga. The action apparently picks up where the original movie left off, on the couple’s free trip aboard the Orient Express, courtesy of Interpol.

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