Joanna Gaines Sets up Christmas Tree With Crew and Gets Fans Into the Holiday Spirit

Joanna Gaines is the queen of interior design and fans love everything she does on Fixer Upper. Gaines sets trends and is credited with popularizing the modern farmhouse style in homes. The latter has led to many big chains wanting to collaborate with the star to create collections for them. Gaines is now setting the trend that putting up your Christmas tree at the beginning of November is not too early. In a new post on Instagram, Gaines infected her fans with the holiday spirit with the beautiful tree she set up with the help of her son Crew.

Joanna Gaines gets into the Christmas spirit

“It was 54 degrees today so…,” she posted on Instagram.

“I feel like this is permission for me to put my tree up early…. Anyone else? Lol,” a fan commented.

“This makes my heart smile. What a sweet moment,” a follower replied.

“I was thinking on putting up my Christmas tree today too and this confirms that I should,” an Instagram user noted.

“Love the shape of this tree! All looks cozy and bright,” another fan added.

“Queen Jo put up her tree already, that means the rest of us can now too and not be judged,” another follower said.

“I am soo ready too. Getting it out this weekend!!” another Instagram user posted.
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