Joshua Jackson Opens Up About Wife Jodie Turner-Smith: 'It's Very Easy to Just Be There In Awe of Her Beauty'

Joshua Jackson has been a fan-favorite actor since his days as heartthrob Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek and an early starring role as hockey standout Charlie in The Mighty Ducks. These days, instead of making himself the center of attention, his focus is on his stunning wife, model, and Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith.

How Jackson and Turner-Smith got together

A chance encounter with Jackson at a party sparked instant chemistry and a one-night stand for the couple who married not long after Turner-Smith proposed to him on a romantic New Year’s Eve 2018 in Nicaragua. “I knew the moment she asked me,” a Daily Mail story notes. 

The devoted pair didn’t waste any time, and Turner-Smith showed off her baby bump in a sparkling yellow gown at the BAFTA awards in London in 2020. For Jackson, it’s clearly all about her. “It’s really the man’s job to be a reflecting mirror, rather than his own peacock, particularly when your wife happens to look like this,” he told Esquire. “It’s very easy to just be there in awe of her beauty.”

It looks like Turner-Smith will have a little competition for his attention now, as Jackson is obviously totally smitten with his baby girl. “I think a whole server farm is devoted to pictures of my baby,” he bragged to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.  

His new family has clearly provided Jackson with the love and grounding he’s needed recently. “I think honestly, having my family there with me was fantastic, because to go home, kiss my wife, hold the baby and not be a truly, truly horrendous human being when I got home at night was a great tonic,” he told ET in an interview about his challenging role as a psychopathic surgeon in Dr. Death

Turner-Smith is on Team Pacey

In his Dawson’s Creek days, Jackson got an early taste of being a teen idol. “You should see my mail,” he told the Morning Call, “I get letters. I get food. I get big teddy bears that when you squeeze their feet go, ‘I love you’.” A well-publicized romance with Dawson co-star Katie Holmes gave him a feel for the pressure fame can bring to a relationship. 

His decade-long partnership with Diane Kruger sputtered out with the two unmarried. Jackson acknowledged to Glamour “It’s hard for me to take marriage at face value, as the thing that shows you’ve grown up and are committed to another person.” So it’s no wonder he and Turner-Smith kept things on the down-low early on.

Always one to take on a wide variety of characters, the years after Dawson’s Creek found Jackson playing everything from a werewolf in Cursed to a terrorized photographer in Shutter. More recently, Jackson has returned to the small-screen, starring in the sci-fi series Fringe and Hulu’s drama Little Fires Everywhere.

Turner-Smith is a long-time fan of her husband’s work, admitting to the Sunday Times that she loves watching his films. ‘I do it whenever we’re apart because I miss him so much,’ she says endearingly. People shared that Turner-Smith was even seen wearing a t-shirt featuring Jackson’s Dawson character Pacey in a social media post promoting Dr. Death

Jackson can’t get enough of Turner-Smith

Clearly, Jackson couldn’t be more in love with the Anne Boleyn star, writing to her in a heartfelt Instagram post shared by Elle:

“Thank you for choosing to share your light with me. Thank you for walking this path of life as my wife. Thank you for bringing our daughter into the world. This last year has been the happiest whirlwind of my life. I can’t wait to see what all the years to come bring our way. Love, Josh.” 

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