Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook's Friends Are *Genuinely* Shocked That They're Getting a Divorce

If news of Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s divorce made your jaw drop/left you in a really confused and emotional place, in need of answers, then take a number because their close friends are like, “…um, same.”

Kaley and Karl announced their separation in a very carefully-worded and almost aggressively-unified statement on Friday and, by Saturday, members of their inner circle were so shook, they were venting to the press about it (anonymously, ofc).

“In the beginning of the summer, Kaley seemed very happy with Karl. They were affectionate and seemed great,” a source told People of why they didn’t personally see the breakup coming. “The split seems very sudden. It’s pretty shocking.”

In the unnamed friend’s defense, Kaley and Karl were still displaying all of the outward signs of a Certified Happy Couple™, complete with cutesy Instagram tributes to each other/their love to mark their three-year wedding anniversary in June:


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Maybe Kaley and Karl’s IRL friends will get some answers, but it doesn’t seem like the rest of us will. In their joint statement, the pair made it clear that they have exactly zero plans to give any more details about the split:

Is anyone else feeling a little torn between genuinely wanting to respect their privacy while also feeling a nagging, lizard brain thirst for tea? If so, is there a support group or meeting or anything…asking for a friend.

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