Karol G Falls Mid-Performance in Miami

Karol G took one of the hardest falls onstage we’ve seen in a while — but she also bounced back just as quickly.

The singer was performing in Miami Friday, playing to a packed FTX Arena … when, at one point, she slipped and fell down a flight of stairs on the stage.

Check out the video … it’s pretty brutal, as the fall was quite long — and sent her whole body twirling all the way down. Eventually, she landed on all fours facing the ground … almost in a fetal position.

One of her dancers raced down to attend to her, but before ya knew it … she was back on her feet and carried on with the show. Unclear if she ended up finishing her entire set, because afterward she told a local outlet her nails were broken and her knee was busted.

We’ve reached out to her reps, so far no word back.

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