Katie Price gets 7th dog as she rescues puppy despite saying ‘I can’t have any more’

Katie Price has welcomed a new Labrador puppy into her home, despite previously stating "I can't have any more dogs". The mum-of-five already has six other dogs, but couldn't resist adding another to her brood.

She decided to take in the black Labrador puppy, even though some of her family questioned her decision. Katie said she "couldn't say no" and asked "what difference is another one?".

However, this news might upset fans who are aware of the sudden deaths of seven of her pets in the past six years.

Over 35,000 people have signed a petition to stop Katie from owning any more animals after the death of her German Shepherd Blade earlier this year.

On her podcast, The Katie Price Show, she told her sister Sophie: "I get a call from a friend across the road saying 'Kate, someone has just given me a puppy, they can't have it, can you have it?'."

She continued: "I am like 'what is it?' 'a black Labrador' and I went 'aw I really can't have any more dogs' and I said just bring it over. So I have got a nine week old Labrador puppy. They had puppies, sold it to someone and they got it for their kid who has got autism but the kid is going absolutely mad with it. I said bring it around, so I have rescued a dog."

Sophie asked why Katie needed a seventh dog, to which she responded: "I couldn't say no, it turned up and needs a home, so I have rescued a black Labrador pup. The dogs are all going crazy and it's a little girl and I don't normally have little girls because of their periods because it's mess, but I couldn't say no."

Blade, one of her dogs, was tragically hit by a car near her home in June. This accident happened on the same road where another of her Pomeranian dogs, Sharon, was also struck seven months earlier.

Katie had bought a dog to cheer up her daughter Princess, then 13, after her dog Sparkle was killed by a car. The German Shepherd had been adopted by Katie in January 2019 but sadly escaped from her home in West Sussex and ran onto the A24.

Another of Katie's German Shepherds, Queenie, was also killed in what she claimed was a hit-and-run incident caused by a "heartless delivery driver".

A petition to prevent her from owning any more animals emerged in 2021 and saw a sudden influx of supporters after Blade's death earlier this year. Animal rights group PETA has also stated that the star should be stopped from owning any more pets.

The organisation's director, Elisa Allen, told The Sun: "Given her track record with animals, several of whom have died in her 'care', it would be irresponsible and reckless for Katie to be allowed to acquire another one. And any breeder willing to sell to her is clearly putting profit over the animals' welfare."

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