Kato Kaelin Caught Grabbing Oranges from Homeowner's Tree

Kato Kaelin is once again making himself at home on someone else’s property in bizarre fashion — and no, we’re not done making O.J. Simpson jokes for this kooky story.

The actor/media personality was caught snagging some fresh fruit last week from a random person’s home in a Burbank, CA neighborhood … where he and his wife, Nan Xue Kaelin, were strolling along.

Check out the surveillance video, obtained by TMZ … you see them chatting — even though we’re told they were supposedly arguing — and then Kato trying to pick an orange from a tree right next to them.

Kato Kaelin

Nan stops him, tugging him back … but Kato eventually breaks free and snags 3 orbs from the branch — cradling ’em in his arms as Nan appears to find it funny.

The homeowner tells us she didn’t recognize Kato or Nan at first, but her husband did shout at them from the porch to not take his fruit — not because he found their behavior offensive, but because they simply weren’t ripe.

Kato Kaelin and Nan

Kato, ever the rebel, did not listen … proceeding to wander even further onto the property — toward the back of the path … where he seems to have grabbed even more oranges, some of which he dropped on his way back to the sidewalk — kind of like that glove.

The homeowner tells us Kato and Nan walked away. The homeowners weren’t pissed … but definitely found the interaction to be strange.

Morbid as it may be … this somewhat parallels his role in the murder trial way back when. Remember, he was a friend of Simpson’s who was staying in the dude’s backhouse at the time — and he was also a key witness who couldn’t account for O.J.’s whereabouts during a key hour and a half when Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were slaughtered on Bundy Dr.

Even all these years later … Kato’s still wanting himself some O.J., it seems.

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