Keke Palmer Holds Son After Restraining Order Against Darius Jackson

Keke Palmer is holding on tight to her son after getting temporary sole custody of him amid her legal fight with her baby daddy — this, of course, after accusing him of DV.

The actress appeared to be on set Saturday afternoon in West Hollywood, where two notable things happened — one, she was photographed carrying her nearly 9-month-old, Leo, while in costume … and was smiling from ear to ear, while even firing off a selfie of the 2 of them.

There was a woman nearby, whom Keke eventually handed Leo over to — presumably a nanny of some sort — while she went back to work. Like we said, KP is beaming here.

The other standout moment from this time on the job … she received an intricate bouquet of flowers from somebody, courtesy of a local business called La Fleu Eclose … and this particular arrangement is one of their pricier items for sale — it’s called “My Queen.”

The bouquet comes with a crap ton of roses — between 50 to 100 — and a nice little crown ornament on top to boot. There was a card attached that Keke was seen reading … and she looked to be a bit emotional as she went through it. No word on who it was from.

This is the first time we’re seeing Keke out in public since her bomb allegations this past week — namely, claiming Darius Jackson had abused her on and off for well over a year … including an alleged incident she says happened as recently as last weekend.

Keke also uploaded a bunch of still images taken from in-home security footage that she claims shows Darius roughing her up on a handful of occasions, dating back to 02/2022.

She said she feared for her safety, and as a result was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius. Keke was also granted temporary sole custody of their kid … a separate filing that came shortly before her TRO hit the court system.

Keke Palmer  ex darius tweets

Darius has remained mostly mum through all this … not having officially acknowledged her claims, other than to say he loves his son and that he’ll “see you soon.” A hearing to sort all this out is scheduled for early December … where he’ll presumably get a chance to respond.

Keke and Darius had Leo in February … and had been a couple for a good while before that. He’s not famous at all — but has drawn attention to himself and their relationship.

keke palmer and darius jackson

Infamously, he criticized her outfit choice during an Usher concert … which got a lot of blowback — even, seemingly, from Keke herself. Since then, though — they appear to have made up and gotten back together … until now, that is. Safe to say, they’re on the outs.

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