Keke Palmer on Lightyear: ‘we’re just depicting life and love the way that exists’

Lightyear, Disney Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear origin story, has been making headlines because its cast keeps getting asked their thoughts on {dramatic pause} The Kiss. Yes, there is a kiss between a female main character and her partner in a loving relationship in an animated Disney film. Chris Evans, who voices Buzz in the film, said he thinks its inclusion should be the norm and people who are upset about it are idiots. Keke Palmer is also in Lightyear and voices the granddaughter of Uzo Aduba’s kissing character. She thinks the depiction of the kiss is progress and representative of real life.

The 28-year-old actor voices Izzy Hawthorne in the new Pixar movie, which serves as an origin story for ‘Toy Story’ icon Buzz Lightyear, and is impressed with the diversity in the film – which has been banned in some Middle Eastern countries for a same-sex kiss.

Keke told the i newspaper: “Disney, Pixar, there’s a wide audience, and a lot of their audience is obviously LGBTQ+, women, Black women… people that want to be represented in films.

“So, yes, 100 per cent, I think it is progress. Obviously, we can’t expect for film and television to always be the reason why people decide to respect one another. But I think it’s a step in the right direction. And I think the way that it’s illustrated in the film is normal… we’re just depicting life and love the way that exists in our world

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Keke is obviously right. The inclusion of The Kiss is literally just showing a normal relationship, millions of which do exist in our world whether people like it or not. It is long overdue progress for Disney to finally include some very clear LGBTQ+ affection in their movies. And c’mon, it’s Disney — pretty much all their movie kisses are chaste and perfunctory pecks. This one was never going to be some risqué thing, people are just scandalized because it’s between two characters of the same sex. Similar to what Hecate wrote, I guess I’ve lived in New York too long because it’s crazy to me that this was a big deal when I literally see similar kisses every day. Again, proving Keke’s point that it’s just depicting life and love in the real world. Personally, I think the bigger story is that The Kiss had to be readded to the movie. As in, Pixar had it in the original cut, Disney removed it, and then reinstated it after the staff statement. I wish execs would have to answer interview questions about that.

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