Kelly Dodd: I’ll Never Film With Braunwyn Again! She Called Me Racist!

No one likes being called out when they’re in the wrong.

You would think that someone like Kelly Dodd would be accustomed to it by now.

But apparently Kelly is tired of people holding her accountable for being racist. And her solution isn’t to stop being racist.

She says that Braunwyn did just that, and so she refuses to film with her again.

As you can see in the accompanying video, Kelly Dodd took to Instagram Live to complain about her coworkers, basically.

“I know I cannot film with Braunwyn,” the grown 45-year-old adult woman said.

Kelly reiterated: “I know for a fact that I cannot film with her.”

“There’s just no way,” Kelly once again insisted.

“And if she comes back,” she declared, “then I’m out.”

Kelly explained that she’s out “because I know for a fact that I cannot.”

“She’s dangerous,” Kelly complained, “and calling people racists and homophobic.”

In addition to getting some solidly homophobic questions after coming out as a lesbian, Braunwyn also spent part of the season pointing out racism.

Kelly seems to think that actual bigotry is less dangerous than calling out bigotry for what it is. (Maybe, to Kelly personally, it is more “dangerous”)

Another gripe that Kelly shared with followres is that Braunwyn called her a “bad mom” for traveling between L.A. and the world’s biggest COVID-19 hotspot during the pandemic.

“I was traveling, yes, but I was also selling two homes. And thank God I did because I’d be stuck with four mortgages, right?” Kelly insisted.

She then added: “I wasn’t going to party it up with the Salt Lake City chicks.”

In recent comments to E! News, Kelly also doubled down on her baseless accusations that Braunwyn faked being an alcoholic.

“This is my opinion, not that it’s Bible or gospel. I go by facts and I go by facts only,” Kelly claimed.

“Do I think Braunwyn is lying about alcoholism?” she asked before answering. “I’m skeptical about it because she’s a liar.”

Kelly says that Braunwyn “admitted lying all last season and she claimed that she needed to carry the show this year.”

“She said she was called boring, Boring-wyn, last year,” she described. “So she wanted to create story lines and I know that for a fact. I was there.”

Kelly alleged: “I know everything that her agent told her to, she needed to stop drinking and it she became sober it would be a great story line for her.”

If Kelly thinks that leaking that Braunwyn spoke to her agent about her sobriety journey is shocking … she’s mistaken.

But as we saw at the Reunion special, Kelly truly does not like being called out when she is wrong.

Despite being wrong so frequently and on such important topics, she gets defensive and tries to deflect.

Kelly offered incomplete apologies for spreading dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, for lying, for mocking the death toll, and more.

When Andy tried to give her the opportunity to say more, Kelly went on the offensive, essentially calling him anti-American for disliking disgraced former president Donald Trump.

No one likes to be criticized, but Kelly has options. She could stop being a Housewife. She could also just, you know, start being a good person.

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