Kerry Katona says her ‘lazy’ kids ‘need to be appreciative’ amid cost of living crisis

Kerry Katona has shared her fears amid the cost of living crisis, and says she's "constantly" thinking about ways to save money.

As she shared her tips, the mum-of-five revealed her "lazy" children are a "nightmare" when it comes to leaving the lights on, as she said: "They need to start learning about the realities of life." Writing in her column, Kerry, 42, added: "I’m trying to teach my kids to be more appreciative." Sign up – for free – to see what else she has to say!

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Bright ideas

Me and Ryan are worried about the cost of living crisis. We’re constantly thinking about ways to save money. We’re thinking of getting an air fryer because they apparently use less electricity when you’re cooking. We’re always walking around turning lights off after the kids. They are a nightmare for leaving lights on. They are so lazy – they need to start learning about the realities of life.

I was trying to explain it to Heidi. Molly and Lilly kind of get it but Heidi doesn’t. She has to understand I’m a one-off. I’m lucky I’ve come from nothing and got to where I am and achieved so much. I think my kids expect it’s going to be the same for them – and that’s not the case. I’m trying to teach my kids to be more appreciative.

Back to school

The kids have settled back in at school now. I did take pictures of them on their first day back but they won’t let me post them!

They’re at the age where they’re fussy about their pictures. I posted a picture of Heidi on Instagram a few weeks ago and, honest to God, she was acting as though she looked like Quasimodo! She kicked up a right fuss. DJ was looking forward to getting back after the holidays but Max and Heidi not so much, as they’re typical teenagers.

They’re both in Year 10 now, so they need to knuckle down and get their studies done. It’s not about looking good in your class, it’s about working hard.

Winter is coming

The autumn and winter months are coming – it’ll be Halloween and Christmas before we know it. Those months are my favourite time of the year. I love it!

I normally do something big for Halloween. I love dressing up with all the kids. But I’ll miss it this year due to work. I’m going on a book tour for my new book, Whole Again, which is very exciting and out on 9 October. Maybe I’ll just celebrate Halloween later!

Hard? Oh yes it is

As you know, me and Lilly are doing panto together this Christmas – we’re playing Botox and Baby Botox in Cinderella.

We’ve now been sent our scripts, so we need to start learning our lines as soon as possible because we go into rehearsals in November. It’s the first time Lilly has done panto and I’m feeling a bit nervous for her. She’ll be absolutely brilliant but it’s a really hard slog and the schedule is very full-on. I don’t think she realises how hard it actually is!

Now we're Tok-ing

I’m really starting to get the hang of TikTok now. I’ve been doing live videos with my followers, which has been really fun. My kids are TikTok pros, so they’ve been teaching me.

I think we have to move with the times. TikTok is huge and it’s really good for businesses. I’m still getting my head around it but I love it.

My mum has joined it, too. She’s so funny, she’s obsessed with it. She was on my live video swearing. I was like, “For God’s sake, shut up!” She’s actually better at it than I am.


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