Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker baffle fans with tattoo update

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker baffle with racy tattoo update ‘What’s going on?’

On Sunday, the Blink-182 drummer, 47, debuted a new tattoo on the top of his right thigh, seemingly featuring his wife’s eyes.

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On Sunday, the Blink-182 drummer, 47, debuted a new tattoo on the top of his right thigh, seemingly featuring his wife’s eyes.

However, not all fans in the comments section were convinced, as some began debating whose eyes the design was based on, with the top contenders being Michael Jackson or Kourtney’s sister Kim.

Others questioned the odd placement of the tattoo just above another one that reads ‘In memory’, claiming this was further evidence that the ink is a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Further confusing their following, the couple posted a racy mirror selfie, which saw Kourtney smirking behind her phone in a minute minidress as Travis bent down behind her legs.

Countless followers questioned: “What’s going on in that first pic?” while one declared: “Please tell me this is a pregnancy announcement.”

The first snap the couple shared on Sunday left followers incredibly puzzled

Kourtney donned an artsy mini-dress with minimal makeup and messy updo while her husband crouched behind her, gingerly grabbing onto her thighs.

Some fans believed this might be a pregnancy announcement

A few thought the snap insinuated a Barker-Kardashian in the oven, while cruder fans chose to comment on what they thought Travis would be smelling, saying: “I’m sure it smells like garlic and ego.”

In the same set of snaps, the drummer revealed his latest inking, now posing without his shirt and s

Travis hoisted up his shorts revealing a new tattoo of Kourtney’s eyes high on his upper right thigh.

Travis also shared a close-up of his newest tattoo

The fresh ink was still red and slightly swollen.

Fans debated in the comments section on whose eyes were featured in the inking

Many stated it was “obviously” Kourtney’s, but others chose to argue that it looked far more like Kim Kardashian or Michael Jackson, in particular from the cover of his album Dangerous.

Many claimed the placement of Travis’ new tattoo was in poor taste

Kourtney’s eyes are now permanently placed above the lettering ‘In memory of’ from a different tattoo which is in tribute to Travis’ late friend DJ AM who died in 2010.

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