Lewis Capaldi’s face spotted in man’s fish and chips paper in strange apparition

The astonishing likeness of Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi has been spotted by a man in the paper wrapping of his fish and chips meal.

“I saw Lewis Capaldi in ma chips earlier,” the man wrote of the singer’s portrait, seemingly etched into the paper with grease stains.

An avid fan of fish and chips himself, Capaldi was the talk of the town when he stepped foot into a Newcastle Chippy before a gig earlier this year.

The singer-songwriter stopped at The Waterfront on the Fish Quary ahead of his sell-out gig at Newcastle’s Utilita, in January, leaving locals speechless.

Staff at a North Shields fish and chip shop were also taken aback, as they had no idea the hitmaker had planned to stop by for tea.

While preparing Capaldi’s dinner, staff members had their picture taken with the 26-year-old artist before he tucked into his haddock and chips.

The shop owner, Ian Corner, told BBC Radio Newcastle: “He walked in and the staff said, ‘Ian – Lewis Capaldi’s in,’ and I said, ‘Yeah right, whatever,’ and then he said down.

“There were six of them, all smashing lads, not a problem and they all cleared their plates. The atmosphere was just electric.”

The owner went on to joke: “I got next to no work done from my staff for the rest of the night – they were just so excited for him to come in.

“A lot of the staff knew him and a few are going to see him tonight,” added Mr Corner, adding that the singer would be welcome back anytime.

It comes as the artist is currently taking a break from producing music to focus on his health in his ongoing battle with Tourettes.

The hitmaker announced an extended breaking from touring after he struggled to end his Glastonbury set.

Fans were alarmed by the singer’s health scare, as it raised questions over his future in the industry.

Taking to social media, he explained it was clear he needed to spend “more time getting his mental and physical health back in order”, admitting that the decision to step back from music was a “difficult” one.

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