Lizzo & Seth Meyers Go Day Drinking In HILARIOUS New Video: ‘We Are An Actual Menace To Society’ – WATCH!

Lizzo and Seth Meyers weren’t the duo we expected, but DEFINITELY the one we needed!

The About Damn Time singer appeared on the latest installment of Seth’s famous Day Drinking segment for the Late Night with Seth Meyers, and we CAN’T stop laughing!! The episode, which premiered Tuesday night, sees the 34-year-old vocalist meeting up with the television host at Valerie in Midtown Manhattan, where chaos quickly ensued… In the BEST way!

As the two sat down at the bar, the 48-year-old comedian outlined some drinking games for the two to play, beginning with a look back on some of Lizzo’s fashion moments… The only catch? If SHE correctly recalled where the looks took place, Seth took a shot — but if she was incorrect, then SHE took a shot.

From there, more gut-busting moments ensued — the Truth Hurts singer mistook one of the crew members for Paul Rudd (we’re COMPLETELY serious, LOLz), the pair slurped wine directly from the bag (in the most classy way, of course), they call Seth’s dad a “bitch” in a drunk voicemail, and Lizzo chose to take a shot rather than revealing “the worst thing” she’s ever done on a plane, cryptically noting she had to “respect his privacy.”


See the full, 17-minute clip (below):

The Cuz I Love You singer previously teased the segment in a Monday tweet, noting:

“We are an actual menace to society and should (always) never drink together @sethmeyers”

See (below):

All we know, we need more Seth and Lizzo content ASAP! What are your thoughts on the day drinking escapade, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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