Nathan Griffith Gets Dumped By Ashley Lanhardt, Moves Back In With Mom!

Well, on the bright side, at least he’ll have more time to spend with his kids!

Yes, it seems that after nearly four years together, Nathan Griffith and Ashley Lanhardt have gone their separate ways.

Nathan, of course, is the father of Jenelle’s Evans’ youngest son, Kaiser.

He also has a daughter named Emery from a different relationship.

Griffith has earned praise from some for being a better parent than Jenelle, but to be fair, he basically cleared the world’s lowest bar on that one.

Anyway, Nathan is newly single these days, having reportedly been kicked to the curb by Ashley.

“Nathan is not living in Florida anymore, and has moved back to Tennessee to live with his mom [Doris],” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“Ashley broke up with him,” the insider adds.

Obviously, leaving Florida is almost always a sign of upward trajectory in one’s life (just kidding, Florida!), but moving back in with your mom at the age of 33 is more than a little depressing.

Fortunately, there’s zero shame in Nathan’s game, and his current living situation is not preventing him from playing the field.

“Nathan is seeing another girl already,” the source says.

We guess there are parts of Tennessee where the possibility of becoming semi-famous trumps the idea being indirectly tethered to Jenelle freakin’ Evans for the rest of your life!

Griffith and Lanhardt broke up several times over the years, but the insider says this time it looks as though the split is for good.

(Yeah, when one party moves to a different state, it’s usually a pretty clear sign that the relationship is kaput.)

As recently as December, Ashley was still paying loving tribute to Nathan and his kids on social media.

“My love for these 3 runs so deep,” she wrote, referring to Nathan and his kids.

“After my dad passed I lost all desire to start a family of my own. Then these 3 special humans walk into my life unexpectedly, but right when I needed them most,” Lanhardt continued.

“You don’t have to be blood to be family, these two tiny humans are my kids. I love them both with every ounce of me. We are a family & I absolutely can’t imagine my life with out them.”

Well, on the bright side, Nathan will be slightly closer to his North Carolina-based son now.

Of course, this is the same guy who recently gave David Eason a shout out and praised him for the fact that he had stopped beating Kaiser.

So maybe don’t go handing out any Father of the Year awards to Nathan quite yet.

Sure, he’s head and shoulders above David and Jenelle in the parenting department, but that’s really nothing to be proud of.

Here’s hoping Nathan can stay out of jail and maybe make sure that no one is using corporal punishment to discipline his son.

That’s not to much to ask, right?

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