Oh no, Prince William won’t be able to grouse-hunt at Balmoral this year

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly spent two weeks on the Isles of Scilly (in Cornwall) again this year. They took a family vacation to the same area last year too, because of the fear of traveling outside of the UK because of the pandemic. We only found out about the trip after it was over, which is quite common these days with Will and Kate: we never know where they are or what they’re doing. I guess we’re supposed to assume that they’re in Norfolk right now, at Anmer Hall, and that they will eventually put in an appearance at Balmoral. That’s what’s expected of them, to visit the Queen in Scotland for at least a few days. The Queen usually has to bribe them to come up for even a short amount of time, and who knows if we’ll get another Flybe stunt (probably not, since that was only a massive set-up to make the Sussexes look bad). What we do know is that if and when the Cambridges go to Scotland, they probably won’t be able to go on a grouse hunt. From the Eden Confidential column in the Daily Mail:

Prince William and Prince George often have a father-and-son day out on the Glorious Twelfth, as they hike around the moors of Balmoral and try to shoot some grouse. However, I hear the day may not be so glorious this year, as the August 12 festivities are likely to be called off following a frosty spring which killed many of the young birds.

This means there is a shortage of grouse, one of the most popular game birds. Gamekeepers across the country have therefore suggested that estates call off their shoots or postpone them until later in the year. This may include Balmoral. A spokesman for the Royal Family tells me they are ‘leaving it to the experts’ when it comes to deciding if they should open next week for the shoot, and will not be drawn on whether a decision has yet been made.

Prince George’s godfather, the Duke of Westminster, has one of the biggest grouse-shooting estates, at Abbeystead in Lancashire. He often welcomes groups for the Twelfth, and could be affected by the lack of birds. The Bolton Abbey estate in North Yorkshire, owned by the Duke of Devonshire, is considering cancelling festivities after a ‘grim’ year.

Happily for the field sports-loving royals, other game, including deer, are still plentiful. The Queen has traditionally enjoyed deer-stalking around her Scottish estate, so some fun will be had by the aristocracy and royals this shooting season.

The prestigious date earned the royal approval of Queen Victoria when she took on Balmoral, and this significance meant anyone who was anyone needed to be out on the moors in the late 1800s. The tradition carries on today.

[From The Daily Mail]

Of course the tradition carries on today! The royals and the artistos are stuck in the Victorian age, for the love of God. I can only imagine the tantrum William will throw when he hauls his ass up to Balmoral and finds out he can’t shoot animals during his trip. Personally, I’ve never believed that Kate is that into hunting either, she only pretended to like it when she was waitying. I don’t even think she likes Scotland or Balmoral that much, which is why the family only spends a week there (at most) during the summer. Anyway, while everyone is dealing with real problems, just know that Baldingham will be stomping around a Germanic castle in Scotland, incandescent with rage that he can’t shoot birds.

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