Porsha Williams Opens Up About ‘Seriously Abusive Situations’ Following Dad’s Death

In a new episode of ‘RHOA’, the Bravo star talks about working on her book titled ‘The Pursuit of Porsha’, noting that writing the book was ‘therapeutic’ for her.

AceShowbiz -Not having her dad around apparently changed Porsha Williams‘ life drastically. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star revealed in the Sunday, January 10 episode of the Bravo show that her life took an abusive turn when her dad died when she was young.

In the episode, Porsha talked about working on her book titled “The Pursuit of Porsha”. Noting that writing the book was “therapeutic” for her, the Bravo personality said that she “had to learn a lot through hardships” and that “there is a lot that I would love for young girls to know. I’ve actually dealt with depression, abuse, etcetera, and I’ve made it in spite of all.”

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Her mom Diane revealed that she, Porsha and her half-sister Lauren started to have discussion after her divorce from Porsha’s dad when she was just 3. “We probably should start after the divorce, when you basically stayed with me,” Diane reflected on the past. Porsha, meanwhile, said of her childhood, “It was just kind of confusing at first, because I had my home with Mommy that felt complete, solid, and then over here with Dad, it was another home that could be complete and solid. And why am I going in between?”

“I feel like a lot of kids feel like divorce is, you know, traumatizing. But, I mean, I think y’all did a really good job with the go back and forth,” she admitted. Saying that she didn’t “really identifty with daddy issues,” Porsha added, “Unfortunately, once he died and I’m in those years of 17, when you start to date and all of that, he wasn’t here. He died.”

“That mindset of me just having a skeleton idea of what a man should be led me into like, seriously abusive situations,” she continued. Porsha also claimed that she “didn’t think about the impact of not having my dad in the house.” However, “now doing something like [working on] my book with my mom and my sister, I am realizing I was lacking something.”

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