President Biden Speeds in New Electric Hummer, Faster Than His Corvette

President Biden got behind the wheel of General Motors’ new all-electric Hummer, putting the pedal to the metal … and he says it’s even faster than his Corvette Stingray.

POTUS hit up the automaker’s ZERO electric vehicle assembly plant Wednesday in Detroit, Michigan where GM’s new Hummer is being built, and test-driven … at least by the Prez.

Biden burned out and zipped down the track before slamming on the brakes … then circled back to make some jokes for the media.

This time, Biden didn’t miss the mark quite as badly as he did during a similar test drive on Ford’s new electric truck back in May, when he joked about a hit-and-run on a reporter.

Still, Biden jokingly asked if any reporters wanted to climb in the back, or on the roof … so, baby steps in the joke department.

The new Hummer looks and sounds pretty fast, at least with Biden in the driver’s seat … and it seems he’s got a need for speed.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

Biden’s a big car guy … back in 2016, when he was Barack Obama‘s VP, he did a burnout in his 1976 Corvette Stingray on Jay Leno‘s show.

No word from Biden on the top speed today … but he says the electric Hummer is lighter and faster than what he’s got in his garage.

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