See Zac Efron’s Evolution in Hollywood Through These 70+ Photos

Zac Efron is currently trending all across the internet after a new video of him went viral because of his new look.

The 33-year-old actor has been in Hollywood for more than half of his life after getting his big break on the WB series Summerland.

Zac later landed the lead role of Troy Bolton in the 2006 Disney Channel movie High School Musical, which pushed him to superstar status.

Throughout the years, Zac has changed up his look many times by experimenting with different hairstyles and facial hair. He also has bulked up over the last decade and he’s looking buffer than ever these days.

Zac‘s defined jawline is getting a ton of attention right now on social media after he appeared in an Earth Day video this week. It’s been nearly two years since he has walked a red carpet, so fans haven’t seen much of him lately. The gallery ends with his last public appearance in 2019, so check out our other post for the new look.

Click through the gallery to see Zac Efron’s evolution from 2004 until now…

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